It’s Ok to F@#k Up!

It's Ok To F@#k Up

Perfect is overrated, it literally doesn’t exist. There is a strange beauty in completely dropping the ball and looking like a complete fool. Some go out their way to avoid this but I believe that is a huge mistake. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression to err is human…so why fight it? Any project I go […]

Using Audacity to Get What You Want All the Time

Using Audacity to Get What You Want all the Time

As I sit back listening to Danger one word comes to mind.Audacity: The willingness to take bold risks.To me this is the key to getting whatever you want in life. Of course there are finer details that we’re leaving out but one of the most important things you can start doing for yourself is being […]

New Music: Windows

StartYourOwnRebellion - Windows

I look outside my window, lately all I see is death, despair/ I look outside my window Jaded, feel like hope was never here/ Wonder how I’ll ever make it, why am I so terrified/ Will I rise above this wasteland, won’t know if I never try/

The Rise of Kerry A. Cozack

The Rise of Kerry A. Cozack

The story of the SYOR Outlaws takes place in the year 3020CE, however it actually begins 700 years prior. In the year 3020 the world is run by one central government that controls every facet of the lives of its citizens. Unbeknownst to the citizens of the world this central government is controlled by Cozack […]