The Key To Life

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Eureka….I think I discovered the key to life yesterday. It’s funny because we already know what it is. I’ve learned through this experience however that there is a difference between knowing intellectually and knowing because you’ve experienced it. Imagine this…you decide to go out for a stroll in the city nearest you. You’re minding your […]

Ladies Love a Outlaw

Ladies Love A Outlaw

One of my friends came up to me and offered to pay me to show him how to have more luck with the ladies. I was surprised because while women do tend to gravitate towards me, I never considered it a special ability. I’m just being me me. So after charging him 500 Lotai’s I […]

The Desolate Zone Dream Killers

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It’s Maza…what’s new? what did I miss? What’s going on in your part of the Desolate Zone? I’m going to make this quick…. We’re going to talk about life and death today. I may have never met you before But I KNOW for a fact someone is trying to kill you. What is crazier is […]

Message from The Creator


What’s up… This is rare, as I don’t usually write out of character. This will be one of the few times. Today is January 1, 2015. I’ve gotten a few emails from you guys wondering what’s going on with S.Y.O.R, so time for some updates. I remember it like yesterday March 3, 2013 I went […]

New Music: Infamous


I was playing it safe but everything’s changed/ And I’m stunned, the excitement invites me, to a place/ Where the walls keep on falling/ Despite this, I fight through the pain/ Keep going, don’t know when/ It’s all gonna crumble away/   [wpsharely][/wpsharely]

Maza Deciphers “The End”


In the Post below I break down the chorus and verse I wrote for  “The End”. Enjoy! [wpsharely] Chorus: What’s at the end are we worried about nothing, to often we don’t know What if the end comes in early this morning, another chapter closed What’s at the end as we scurry off running, one […]

It’s Ok to F@#k Up!

It's Ok To F@#k Up

Perfect is overrated, it literally doesn’t exist. There is a strange beauty in completely dropping the ball and looking like a complete fool. Some go out their way to avoid this but I believe that is a huge mistake. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression to err is human…so why fight it? Any project I go […]